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Blogger Recognition Award

Upon return home from my little Western Adventure, which I promise you I will blog about in the coming days, I was much surprised to find a nomination for the Blogger Recognition Award, courtesy of The Storyteller! Needless to say I’m flattered, especially as I haven’t had anything that interesting to write about lately, but hopefully I’ll be doing better shortly. Anyway, thank you Janet, truly appreciate the nomination!


Here are the rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog
  • Select and Nominate 15 other bloggers (I’ll just see how far I get…)
  • Briefly explain the origins of your blog
  • Give advice to new bloggers
  • Link back to the original post for the award


Well I suppose that’s pretty cut and dry. It was about a year ago when I was first moving out on my own after college and starting a new job in a new state and it just sort of happened. It wasn’t meant to be read by anybody really, but was a way for me to sort thoughts and remember stories and just keep writing. Then some lovely strangers started following and conversing, and it’s come a long way and become one of my favorite things – I’ve ‘met’ some of the most fantastic people and read some of the most beautiful and most sad stories and I just feel like I’ve connected with the world on a different level. Sounds hippy dippy I know, but there’s something special about feeling like you’re part of a world wide community that you can actually access and talk to instead of living in Small Town, East of Nowhere, ya know? So that’s me. My blog is still a mystery to me and I’m still perplexed when anything I write is read, but I’m happy for it nonetheless.


This is the tricky part, no? I don’t know that I have advice, as I never quite put my finger on what I’m doing here. My advice would be don’t try to blog. Seriously. If it doesn’t come naturally to you to jot down thoughts for no reason, then don’t. But if it’s something you enjoy, whether for yourself or for others, then do it. Do it and stick with it even when you’re in a slump and life is miserable and there’s nothing to say. Find a new way to say that there’s nothing to say. If it’s really your outlet then it will be a great thing no matter what you do with it. If you’re doing this for followers and likes and shares then go home. Let the interesting people who have great stories to tell and fun to be had stick around and find their new best friends. I don’t know. It’s what you make of it.


I don’t have 15, plus I think that arbitrarily nominating people to fit a quota is downright ridiculous. So here are some bloggers who I believe truly deserve some recognition. I’ve probably nominated them for things in the past, but it’s not laziness that keeps me coming back, it’s that they’re just that good.


To See Time Fly


Richard Ankers

Coach Daddy

A Coffee Break With Mike

Little Grey Box

Outstanding Bachelor

Storytime with John

So there you have it. Feel free to accept or deny how awesome you are. I can’t make you see it. 😉

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