Sometimes life is a whirlwind. The things that come into your life or speed out of your life can sometimes spin you right around with their speed. It’s like Dorothy said, “people come and go so quickly here!” But it’s not just people, it’s everything. It’s life. I like to write about all of the … More Whirlwind

Baby at the Bar

About two minutes from my house is a tiny little dive bar called Sweet Fire BBQ, and every Wednesday they have $.25 wings. So for about three, maybe four months, a group of us has been going nearly every week. It’s usually my sister and her husband, myself, and one or more of my other … More Baby at the Bar

Teaching: Year Two

Well folks, the time has come. Tomorrow marks the first day of what I hope is a magnificent school year. Perhaps I should be holding my breath, crossing my fingers, and waiting until the end of the week before I say anything, but seeing as I’m a daring adventurer, I’ll take my chances. I will … More Teaching: Year Two


Two days ago Jim left us. Jim was the father of my high school best friend. He was a really smart and loving guy. Allison and I learned lots from him, even if we didn’t know it at the time. I can’t believe he’s gone. When my life turned up side down and my mom … More RIP Jim

Give Me Some Heartache

That’s not a sentiment you encounter every day, for obvious reasons. Heartache sucks. Whether a person has discarded your friendship without a goodbye, broken your trust, romantically broken your heart, or hurt you in some other way, you get that punched-in-the-gut can’t-hardly-breathe sick feeling. Sometimes it hits you hard and passes quickly. Sometimes it sinks … More Give Me Some Heartache


It seems that every week I’m talking about some new plan or scheme or dream. Stepping back though, I can at least see for myself that I’ve been putting a little more time and attention into my pursuits, and that they’re no longer just things I run into in my free-fall. A very short time … More Guangzhou

Sister Love

Today two of my sisters are 15 years old. Not only can I remember when they were born, but I have so many memories of playing with them and teaching them and taking care of them. It is hard to believe that it has been fifteen years since we welcomed these twins into our family. … More Sister Love

Dig In

Do you ever have the inexplicable desire to take up a handful of soil and just rub it between your hands and really feel it? Or to stand knee deep in water that’s far too cold? Or to climb a tree just to feel the bark against your hands? Or to stand on the edge … More Dig In

One Year!

Less than a month from now it will be a year that I’ve been scribbling away at this blog. Sometimes I feel like I’ve said so much, and sometimes I wonder what I could possibly have had to say that was even moderately interesting. I’ve come to find that I write for a lot of … More One Year!