mumbling of an imbecile

Unlocking the World

My brothers play a lot of video games. They’re always unlocking some weapon or some super power or upgrade. And they’re always talking about it. Unlock. That word gets stuck in my head, and presents itself for usage at novel times.

While I was at work I was thinking about how much I look forward to moving forward from where I am. The phrase ‘unlock the future’ popped into my head, and I chuckled and dismissed it as cheesy. Later when my brother was mumbling the lyrics to a German Rammstein song under his breath, I started to think about how I’d like to learn more languages. The phrase ‘unlock new languages’ was the way my mind presented this to me. Before I let myself dismiss the cheesiness this time, I stopped to think about it.

In this world there is so much that is right there in front of us, perfectly within our grasp. But just because something is situated in proximity to us does not mean that we have the knowledge or capability to make use of it. In order to make the most of any of these things, we must equip ourselves with skills and capacities that must be learned and acquired – things which do not just ‘come to us.’ That is the challenge in life – not that the things we want are too far out of our reach, but that they are within our reach yet through our immediate abilities, inaccessible.

In a way, as cheesy as it sounds, we must unlock these things.

Do you want to be able to communicate with people the whole world over? Learn the languages. If you still think that’s too hard, find people you work with or encounter day to day who speak a foreign language. Strike a deal with them to coach you through the early stages of learning their language, at least until you’re hooked enough to keep going. And then keep practicing by conversing in that language as frequently as you can.

Do you want to progress into the future instead of being stuck where you are? Some people can do this all at once – throw their current life away in one day and leap into something entirely new the next. Mostly thought, forming your future takes time, and it should, if you want it to be worth anything. Identify the things that you’d like to be different, and systematically address the changes you’d like to see. Take a month of focusing daily on ridding yourself of a bad habit. Update and distribute a worthwhile CV. Do realistic house and job hunting in the region you’d seriously like to move to. Clear time in your schedule to read a book every week or go to the gym every day. Without change in action there can be no change in result. If you’re looking for a future that’s different from your present, you must be more than proactive in taking the steps to change it.

This is more for me than anyone else. I’m not preaching, I’m thinking. If I want to ‘unlock my future’ or anything else, I’ve got to take the necessary steps to do that. My future is right in front of me. The languages I’d like to speak live down the street. The work I’d like to do is there waiting for people who can do it. The person I’d like to be is a realistic product. I can do all this. I just have to remind myself how much I want it, and then continuously and unquestioningly pursue those goods. I’m going to unlock it all. I’m going to level up.

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