the story so far

A Family Thaaang

For the past month and a half I have been entreating my sister to guest post on my blog. Today, she surpassed my wildest dreams… by starting her own blog! Hooray, Congratulations, woohoo! In light of this gloooorious event, I would like to welcome any of you to take a gander at her blog, especially her About page.

It won’t take you long to figure out that we write and think quite differently – her writing is much more eloquent and refined than mine – but all I can say for that is that it seems to reflect our personalities.

Let us know what you think either here or on her blog if you prefer! I’m sure she’ll appreciate it.

Her name is Philumina and she blogs at A Wonder Elusive.



PS: if anybody has any interest in guest posting with me, whether it’s a funny story or plans for an adventure, or just ramblings on current thoughts, I’d be down for that! Email me at (and quit laughing at the email address!)

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