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Spiders In My Bed

About a week ago I woke up in the morning, and in the course of stumbling to the bathroom to brush my teeth and splash water on my face, I discovered what looked like a wide flat mosquito bite above my left knee. I didn’t know it was there at all until I started unconsciously scratching at it. When it started to sting and burn is when I really started paying attention.

By the time I looked at the thing it was red from rubbing, and about the size of my thumb nail, slightly raised, and throbbing like a mother-f*cker. It’s mid winter in New England, and not at all mosquito weather, so I was really puzzled as to what it could be. It wasn’t at all like a bedbug bite or a bee sting or anything, but it felt like the deepest circle of hell. Fortunately I was running late enough that I had to scramble to get ready and out the door to work on time, so I wasn’t left with an opportunity to scratch at it more.

Though it continued to itch from time to time, I was somehow able to keep my hands off of it, and now it’s feeling alright. But two days ago I woke up in the morning, and much in the same fashion, discovered two more matching inflammations on my right calf. These were slightly larger, itched more, and burned hotter. I don’t know if they’re actually worse individually or if it’s just more gruelling because there are two so close to each other, but I can’t stop rubbing or scratching. It doesn’t help that my pant cuff moves a lot more than the pantleg higher up, so the bites get irritated even when I’m not touching them. They itch and burn like the chicken pox did (though I’ve been told that since I was older when I got chicken pox that it was much worse for me than for younger people. Just my luck. But this is comparable!)

Today I described them to my dad and then had him look at them and without skipping a beat he tells me oh yeah, those are spider bites. Don’t scratch them, they’ll get worse. Great. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that, but maybe my mind was trying to save itself from a lot of panic, because…


and now that I look at the bites more, the little fang mark things have quite a gap between them, so wouldn’t that require quite a large spider???

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