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Holiday Plans

Tonight I’ve had three tabs open on my browser: Google Maps, StudentUniverse, and my bank account. This is a lethal combination.

I have a holiday coming up at the end of February for a full week of winter break. While my current plans involve driving from New Hampshire to Key West with two or three friends, I am highly tempted by other options. For instance, round trip airfares that same week to Barcelona are only $642. For weekend-to-weekend travel, no less!

Truthfully the only thing preventing me from purchasing these tickets and abandoning my Florida plans is that I’ve just paid my bills and have too little in my bank account to permit buying the tickets in time to get such good prices.

Oh well.

I’ve never meant “oh well” less in my life, I think. I want to go really badly. For me travel isn’t just about where I can manage to go on holiday. It’s mostly about what kinds of foreign cultural experiences I can have. Typically I’d need this to be a several month trip, but when I get a free week in the middle of winter and my travel itch has set in, sometimes I just can’t resist the airline search.

Oh man. I’ve just done another search, and return trip to Jamaica for the same week is $400. Oh boy. Can I turn that down? Am I allowed?? I feel morally compelled to go! I don’t know that I’m allowed to not go.

I suppose I should be going back to that tab that’s got my bank account up, and let that be the deciding factor. Oh, well, it’s timed out. Looks like I’ll have to go ahead and buy those tickets.


Well I guess we’ll have to see.

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