Running Away

I have spent my whole youth going travel crazy. From the time I was about 5 years old and I was reading through ancient editions of National Geographic magazine that my mom had found for cheap at some yard sale, I knew that that’s what I wanted to do above all else. My interests became … More Running Away

Respect is Dead

Respect is a learned behavior. At least in our day and age, respect is not found intrinsically, but rather in what one has been taught to respect. This applies to everything, from respect of parents, teachers, family, friends, and (perhaps most importantly) self. It also includes respect of laws, hierarchies, customs, traditions, motivations, goals, lifestyles, … More Respect is Dead

A Family Thaaang

For the past month and a half I have been entreating my sister to guest post on my blog. Today, she surpassed my wildest dreams… by starting her own blog! Hooray, Congratulations, woohoo! In light of this gloooorious event, I would like to welcome any of you to take a gander at her blog, especially her … More A Family Thaaang

Goodbye Morocco

It’s been about 24 hours since I submitted my Peace Corps application. Immediately after submitting it, you’re sent a Health History form, which took me the better part of an hour to go through, even though I’ve a limited medical history. Honestly the best part about going through it was that it gave me a … More Goodbye Morocco

Peace Corps

I try not to talk about it because I tend to get way too excited about it, but if you haven’t figured it out already, the Peace Corps has been a life long dream of mine. I am pretty sure I was younger than 10 when I read something in a National Geographic magazine about a Peace … More Peace Corps