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How to Survive Winter in New Hampshire

After spending three and a half years at university in beautiful sunny Florida, it’s a real struggle re-acclimating to northern winters. Sure, I grew up in this frozen wasteland, give or take a hundred miles, but it’s been a while since I’ve had to endure more than the two weeks of Christmas break in the coldest circle of hell. Last winter I spent most of the winter in Michigan after finishing in Florida in December. The ‘polar vortex’ or whatever they called it just about killed me. But now I’m in New Hampshire, which is a whole different sort of deal.

Anyway, here’s my go-to list of ways to survive a New Hampshire winter, or at least begin to.

1. Socks.  I typically hate having my feet enclosed in anything at all as they get a little claustrophobic, but socks will save you littlest digits to see another day. Get fuzzy soft ones that slide easily on tile – then you get a little added entertainment with dance parties for one…

2. Books. Books are always the answer. But you learn to especially appreciate them for those long days when you don’t dare venture outside into the cold.

3. Bourbon. Any good alcohol actually. Wine? Beer? Cider? Schnapps? Rum? Tequila? Learn to say ‘yes’.

4. Real boots. I’m not talking Uggs or high heels. I mean insulated, calf high, industrial strength, uber treaded, steel toed boots. Between the slushy snow and the black ice, you’ll need em. If you value your toes, feet, balance, ass… they’re an essential.

5. New music. I don’t mean new in the sense of contemporary, but new in the sense of new to your ears. I find that allowing myself the warm cushion of quality auditory relaxation takes a bit of the nip out of the cold winds.

6. A car. I don’t know how people live without them…

7. Netflix. Sadly this is almost too self explanatory.

8. Most importantly: a reason to be in NH. Seriously. As beautiful as this part of the country is in all four seasons, to endure the cold of a New England winter, you’d have to have a damn good reason to be here. I’ve got a job. Til June. After that this reason expires and I’ll be moving on.

If anyone has suggestions on how to last the winter without dying of frost bite or boredom, I’d love to hear it! Or if you have music or book recommendations, those are my favorite.

Stay warm.


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