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God Bless America…

You know you live in the ‘land of the free and the home of the brave’ when all of your second grade students think that The Star Spangled Banner, our national anthem, is a Christmas carol, and request it to be played for the end of the year party because, as they say, it’s the best holiday song.

Yes. That really happened.

At first I thought they were kidding, and I laughed a little. But the confused looks on their faces quickly informed me that this was no laughing matter. They were convinced.

The best part? They thought I was pulling their leg when I told them it wasn’t a Christmas carol, but our national anthem. Seriously. They still don’t believe me. I told them to ask their parents, but considering the IQ of some of these kids, I’m beginning to question if their parents would even know.

Sorry, that was harsh.

But really.

What is our nation coming to? (Don’t answer that, I don’t want to know.)(By which I mean I do know, and it scares me.)(And it takes a lot to scare me.) As amusing as this anecdote may be, I hope it strikes fear into the hearts of my readers. Tremble, people. Tremble. This is the future.

This should be a slap in the face to those who tout the ‘adage’ “ignorance is bliss”.  You got it buddy. You got it.



On a random side note, there is a movie which shares the name of this post, and it is truly excellent. Check it out.

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