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A Yearning for Travel

I cannot stress just how much I want to travel. There are so many places I want to go, that I can’t even begin to narrow it down enough to make any sort of concrete plans. I have only truly visited three countries outside of the US, though I suppose if you count layovers and such I have been to five countries, but in my book that doesn’t count at all.

I’ve hit up Ireland, twice. I basically lived in Canada as a kid. And I spent a week in Bosnia the summer before last as well. My layovers on some of my trips were Croatia and the UK.

Some people have no ambition to travel. They don’t even want to go cross country let alone across an ocean. I’ve never understood that at all, to the extent that I think you’re just a fool if you think this way. How can you really be that disinterested?

Lately my sights have been set on Asia. I’ve always wanted to traverse all parts of Europe, parts of Africa, South America, Russia, India, Australia… but for some reason China, Vietnam, Korea, …those didn’t have as much of an appeal to me. I wanted to go, but it was entirely secondary. But lately I’ve been contemplating trying something like teaching English in Thailand or China or Korea. Honestly I’d jump on a flight to literally any country if you handed me a ticket.

But really, folks, the hankering is real. I start daydreaming in the middle of classes, meetings, writing, anything. It’s getting pretty bad. At this point I’m looking desperately at bank accounts and contracts, looking for a way. I need a new car and was going to lease, but if I want to leave the country for any period of time in the next year then I shouldn’t be starting any new contracts. My contract with my job is over come June. My lease for my apartment is over the end of August or the beginning of September. Now’s not the time for a new one.

I’m looking for a job overseas, somewhere that it’s not impossible to get a work visa. Somewhere I can make do without being able to speak any foreign language. (I’m completely open to learning new languages, I just don’t have any under my belt at the moment.) I don’t even care what kind of job it is. I’ll be an English teacher, tutor, waitress, house cleaner, nanny, house sitter, personal assistant, secretary, gardener, chauffeur, …anything really. I’m not looking for much. I know how to budget, how to save. I can get by on very little. The only richness I’m looking for is the richness of travel, of experiencing cultures, of living a different life in a different place. That’s all I’m asking.

I don’t know what else I’m looking for. But I really think I’m going to find it. I think that if I’m determined enough and look far enough and hard enough, I think I’ll figure out what I’m looking for. Maybe it’ll be right in front of my nose. Maybe it’ll take more looking. But the answer is to go out and find it. I can’t find it sitting here not going anywhere. I’ve looked here, and all I know is that I need to be elsewhere.

4 thoughts on “A Yearning for Travel”

    1. Thank you! That’s very encouraging to hear! I cannot wait until I can make the pieces fall into place finally. Fortunately giving up isn’t something I’m good at.

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  1. Keep at it Tessa….eyes and ears open….you never know what the next moment can bring…or from where….and it will! Just keep putting yourself ‘out there’, safely (!) as you’re doing….whatever guides the Universe will bring you the experiences you need….it just works that way!! šŸ™‚ Go for it!

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