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Tonight a friend of mine from Ireland and I were having a chat, or snapchat rather, and we got on the subject of music. He ended up giving me a couple of music recommendations to give a listen to. I pretty much loved them all, and so I thought that maybe I’d go ahead and pass them along to anyone who may read this.

The first one he recommended was a guy called Ryan Sheridan. The song he told me to look up is called Home, and it’s beautiful. I also ended up listening to another of his called She Says, and that one was good too. Anyway, here’s Home:


The second recommendation was a group called The Lost Brothers. I particularly liked Who Could Love You More, and Angry at the Sun, but all their stuff that I listened to was great. Aiden (the guy giving me these recommendations) is friends with one of the guys in this group too. So here’s Angry at the Sun:


The third recommendation was Walking On Cars. I think of the three of these groups, this is the one I liked the most. It’s a little more streamlined sounding though (which for me isn’t necessarily a plus), but I like the guy’s voice and the songs’ content is fantastic, at least the ones I heard. I liked Two Stones, and Catch Me If You Can, the two I listened to. They’re pretty seriously great if you ask me. Here’s Catch Me If You Can:


Aiden then told me to look up I’m Coming Home by Eli Spring. I did, and I got about half way through the song before I realized it was himself! I knew he played and wrote music but I didn’t know his little alternate name there, so that was a surprise. The song was great though, so despite Aiden’s little joke sticking that in with his recommendations, here’s the link to that as well as his SoundCloud link:


I hope you enjoy these wonderful artists as much as I did. I’ll be giving the rest of their music more of a listen to in the coming days. If you’re up for it, let me know what you think of them down in the comments.

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