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When End Days Come Knocking [Poem]

I wrote this poem 4 August 2012. I haven’t written much poetry in the past few years, at least not like I used to many years ago, but this is one that I find I still enjoy even a few years later, which isn’t at all a common occurrence with me and my writing. I hope you enjoy it as well.

When End Days Come Knocking

We make promises to those we love
With hopes of strength from up above
We make big plans for days ahead
While life throws storms at us instead
We try to do what things we can
Like stand up tall and be a man
We work our hands to bone each day
Our hairs will turn from dark to grey
We teach ourselves the things we know
With hopes that they will help us grow
We learn a trade and spend our days
Reaping of what fruits it pays
We seek another for by our side
To share our lives, with us abide
We make our families so carefully
And raise our children as they should be
We teach them lessons that we’ve learned
They quickly spend all that we’ve earned
As we labour, through the years
They grow and tackle all their fears
Soon they’ve left, found better things
The gap they’ve left you know it stings
Time flies past, though days are long
When all is told we’re not so strong
An age has passed, time took its toll
We’ve weary eyes, an ancient soul
Death then claims, those we most love
And takes them to some place above
We know our time then will be short
We’ve lived a life, each of our sort
It’s been adventure from the start
We’re ready from this world to part
Keep close the hearts that’ve made you smile
Cherish memories, for a while
Dwell on things that made you laugh
The friends you found along your path
The joys that kept your life ablaze
The things that brought you through the haze
Keep these memories close to you
Whatever else you think or do
They’ve made your life so worth the time
Of every fall and every climb
Hold them close until the end
They’ll heal your heart and let it mend
Prepare you for your God on high
So with him in peace you then can lie.

The end.

Tell me what you think of this poem below in the comments! I’d love to have some feedback, as I’ve never publicly shared anything I’ve written before! Thanks! 

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