Apology 1. a regretful acknowledgement of an offense or failure Apologies are good. Apologies are necessary. The world would be in a worse state, I think, without sincere apologies. The key word in that statement, mind you, is sincere. For where would we be without sincerity? I remember as a child that my mom would always … More Apologies


TGIF – those four letters have never meant more to me than they do now. Not in high school, not in college. Never. That being said, since it is Friday, and I now get the whole weekend to lie leisurely around in my pyjamas doing nothing at all, I’ve decided to take a gander at … More Amusements

Being Sick

Being sick is a nightmare. Being sick when you’re a second grade teacher is so, so much more of a nightmare. If you’re not to sick to stay home, the nightmare is making all 17 of them keep their voices down, their questions to a minimum, and their demands at zero. All you want to … More Being Sick

Meeting People

I’m not the most socially outgoing of people; I rather prefer to sit back and observe. At least that’s what I thought. I suppose what I’d forgotten to take into account is that for the last ten years I’ve been living in towns that had enough people that you never really felt alone. Even if … More Meeting People

Trial and Error

The highlight of my day today was having a second grader throw up all over the floor in the middle of class. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration. The real highlight of my day was packing up my bags and piling into my car to leave work. It wasn’t such a bad day. I mean, my … More Trial and Error


I wrote this blurb in August of 2011. It’s hard to believe, but that was a whole three years ago. Time really flies when you don’t know how great you have it. for a bunch of people who don’t really get along we’re awful close to being best friends for being best friends who never … More people